How To Stay Best Friends After School?
Leaving high school can be hard on a friendship. Some friends will drift away because of distance and new interests. But best friends are priceless, and you need to do what you can to keep them.

  • Talk with your friend about her/his plans for the summer and next year.
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Secrets to a good marriage

Everytime somebody in our clan gets married, my grandfather is always asked to give a speech on secrets to a good marriage. Believe it or not he gives the same speech every time he is asked to speak.`` The secret to a good marriage according to him is S.A.L.

T. Usually he begins with this story. An old king one day asked his three daughters how much they loved him. The first daughter said that he loved his father as much as she loves all the gold in the kingdom.

The second daughter said that he loved her father as much she loves all the silver in the kingdom. The king was so delighted with both of his daugters. Finally the youngest daughter was asked how much she loves him. The youngest daughter said that she loves her father as much as she loves salt. The king was furious with this response, imagine comapring her love to that of the lowly salt. So she banished her youngest to serve in the kitchen.

The king's youngest daughter the instructed the cook not to put salt in all the king's dishes. Because of this the king slowly loss his appetite for the food that was served that he became very sick. He then asked the cook to explain why the food is not as tasty as before. The cook then told him that his youngest daughter instructed her not to put salt in all the king's dishes. When the king heard this, he was furious. He asked his youngest daughter to explain her actions.

She explained to her father that she was only demonstrating how much she loved him. The old king finally finally realized how important salt is. He finally understood that his youngest daughter loved him so much more than her two sisters. After that introduction, my grandfather then continues that the key to a successful, loving and a good marriage is SALT. His main points are then highlighted by the first letters of the word "SALT." S - Share - Husbands and wives must share invidual blessing that they recieve with each other.

They must share not only physical things but good experiences as well. They have to remember that when they enter married life, they are considered as one flesh. Sharing also speaks of helping each other with the burdens and responsibilities in the marriage. A - Attention - Couples must give attention to each other. While it is all right to spend some time with friends and other interest, most of our time and interest must be spent with our family especially with our spouses.

Oftentimes we hear a familiar story wherein the husband complains that the wife keeps on chatting with her friends on the phone or going out with friends. On the other hand wives complains that their husbands just comes home and sits in front of the T.V watching sports or worst comes home very early, that is early in the morning because he was out with his buddies for a drinking spree. L - Live within your means - Statistics has shown that the number one cause of quarrels between couples is money problems. Before and after marriage, each couple must sit down and set some guidelines as to how money should be handled.

In order to avoid any serious conflict, a budget has to be set and expenses should be contained within the budget without also forgetting to set aside some money for emergency savings and investments. T - Trust - This is the foundation for all a good marriage. This is so because if you do not trust your spouse, you shatter his or her confidence. If couples learn to trust each other then they will be more assured that they are loved and they will be more confident enabling each of them to achieve more in life.

You might say that the principles of S.A.L.T may be simplistic. However it worked for my grandfather and grandmother because they had a good marriage that lasted for more than 50 years.

It is my hope and prayer that the principle of SALT will be applied to your marriage as well.

Do you want to know more principles about a good marriage, investments, financial management, how to invest in the Philippine stock market and other very interesting topics ? Visit the blog of Zigfred Diaz where he writes about these topics.

Secrets to a good marriage

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