How To Stay Best Friends After School?
Leaving high school can be hard on a friendship. Some friends will drift away because of distance and new interests. But best friends are priceless, and you need to do what you can to keep them.

  • Talk with your friend about her/his plans for the summer and next year.
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Want My Boyfriend to Talk Dirty To Me

I have a girlfriend who is in a wonderful and loving relationship with a great guy. They are both so much in love and attracted to each other and it all seems to be perfect on the surface. She is young and funny, somewhat adventurous and wants her boyfriend to talk dirty to her from little things she likes to hear from him such as âœI feel good when you do this on me❠and âœDo this on me, do that hard on me❠etc. She is the type who likes to send naughty little text messages to him but he never seems to respond. She just wants him to open up to her.

You want your boyfriend to talk dirty to you and you just want to hear it for the first time? What happen if your boyfriend is not comfortable about this kind of dirty talk and thinks it is silly and cheesy. So, donât you think you make him feel like a pervert in meeting you in the middle and talking dirty? Some guys just find it hard to talk dirty to the woman he loves.

You are so desperately in love with your boyfriend, you feel that you are getting frustrated and tied up in this area because you want to hear your boyfriend talk dirty to you? Tell your boyfriend your fantasies and what are the words that comes from him will make you feel good and he should understand. You know many guys are just bad at picking up hints so you need to express your feelings more direct to him.

If your boyfriend is not in the right mood or you both have different views on this issue, then I will suggest you take it slow and not show your displeasure.

When guys start talking dirty to you on the bed, it is when he feels that he is in control and at least at his comfortable level with you to begin with. To press him to do something he is not in the mood or making him feel uneasy is only going to make him stressed. Your boyfriend should feel comfortable and fun to be with you and next he will give in to you whatever you want, do you get the point?

Hey, you think heâs missing out a lot of fun but then you canât change him overnight.

You need to start the right way for example, do you sound sexy, fun and gentle? Have you try to arouse him by reading some lines from the Kama Sutra? Try to do things to him that you want him do to you. Probably your guy lacks the courage or imagination or just being shy? It has to come naturally from him and thats genuine, right?

So, I suggest you get some thinking to do on how to make your boyfriend talk dirty to you. Go grab this â˜Talk Dirty Manualâ, download it and send him a copy and let him find out what you are up to. The next time around heâll probably have some ideas that he wants to say to you. So give him some time to get comfortable with you first and not crushed his pride by being pushy.


About the Author (text)Chris Roberts writes articles focusing on relationships. He recommends the Dirty Talk Manual. Get all you need to know and never run out of ideas by visiting

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Want My Boyfriend to Talk Dirty To Me

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