How To Stay Best Friends After School?
Leaving high school can be hard on a friendship. Some friends will drift away because of distance and new interests. But best friends are priceless, and you need to do what you can to keep them.

  • Talk with your friend about her/his plans for the summer and next year.
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Picking a Prom Dress

by Amber Lowery

Prom dresses are one of the main things on a teenage girls mind in the spring. They want the latest styles in prom dresses and they certainly don’t want the same prom dresses that their peers are wearing. Individuality and exclusivity are two of the most important factors that these girls consider when choosing their perfect prom dresses. Unfortunately for these young ladies, it is highly likely that at least one pair of duplicate prom dresses will make their debut at the prom.

Vintage prom dresses are all the rage these days. Simple and elegant prom dresses can be just as dramatic as some of the racier styles that we have also been seeing more and more of. The more traditional your prom dress, the less likely it is that you will see it on someone else at your prom. If you can get your hands on a prom dress that is authentically vintage, instead of a reproduction, then you are sure to be wearing a one of a kind at your prom.

If the unthinkable happens and the girl you love to hate walks in looking like your twin, don’t panic. You should be prepared, plan ahead and have accessories on hand that can change your look in an instant. For instance, a simple vintage strapless can be transformed with some elbow length gloves and a shawl. Whatever you do, don’t let this kind of fashion fright ruin your fun for the evening.

Prom dresses can end up being a great source of angst if you take everything too seriously. Prom is suppose to be fun and shopping for prom dresses can either be some of the most fun you have had all year, or some of the most intense stress you have felt all year. It’s all in your attitude so try to be light hearted and have the time of your life.

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